The birth a blog and quick look at emerging media

Emerging Media? What’s that?

It’s 24 October 2015, and I’m sitting at my computer designing this blog’s layout on WordPress while streaming Pandora radio stations through my iPhone. As my fingers interact with my laptop’s keyboard, my Fitbit watch quietly monitors my heart rate and movement and sends the collected data to an app on my phone.

Beep. I instantly recognize this noise as Facebook’s notification beep. I have a message! My laptop has touch-screen capability, so I tap the screen to bring up the browser tab that Facebook is loaded in.

“What are you up to? Want to hang out” a friend’s message says.

“Can’t today. I have homework. I have to create a blog for class.” I type back.

I turn my attention back to my blog and begin reflecting. I’m tasked to create and write a blog about emerging media for my IMC 619 course, and I realize that I am completely surrounded by this “emerging” media.


I define emerging media as communication methods that, for the most part, are rooted in technological advancements and are increasingly becoming more interactive and connected. This type of media has increasingly involved harnessing the power of the ever-evolving Internet. Some examples include (but are not limited to) social media, smart technology, mobile technology, wearable technology, and other online technology.

I use emerging media constantly (I’m sure you do too). I send emails from my smartphone. I write blogs and consult forums from my laptop. I use mobile apps for a lot of different actions (“I got an app for that!”) I interact with my friends and family on social media. I train with my Fitbit to gather my physical fitness data. I stream videos through Hulu and YouTube. The list of using emerging media is endless.


Through emerging media, I can literally interact with anyone anywhere and have almost any kind of information within a few seconds. Geographic limits that once hindered the flow of information no longer exist.

So, why does emerging media matter to the marketer?

Emerging media is influencing our world and the products and services we use. In fact, this kind of media is making connectivity and interactivity even more possible and faster. Additionally, consumers are constantly connected and can easily be reached at virtually all times and places through these kinds of media.

Marketers understand they can directly reach and interact with consumers through emerging media. As long as the content being sent via emerging media is useful and/or interesting to consumers, businesses can build and maintain positive and more-meaningful relationships with consumers. Furthermore, emerging media is allowing these relationships to become even more personalized! Overall, a good relationship with consumers will increase consumers’ trust in a business as well as the image they form about the business.

Remember, many consumers do enjoy engaging with businesses through emerging media. Below is a chart from the Cone Consumer New Media Study (Link to Study) which shows how often consumers engage with brands:


Why this blog?

Despite its everyday use, emerging media isn’t something that most people think about in a lot of detail. We understand how to use social media, wearable technology, mobile technology, and smart technology, and we enjoy using these items. However, many of us don’t take a moment to really reflect on the trends and innovative uses of emerging media. This blog does just that—it puts emerging media under the magnifying glass for examination and reflection. Here is a quick video to give you a taste of some of the future trends of emerging media that I will examine.

So, it’s 24 October 2015, and this blog has officially been “born” to the digital world. It has a huge purpose to serve over these next 9 weeks. It’s going to be my main communication tool for presenting my thoughts and findings on emerging media. And like many other forms of emerging media, I hope you enjoy this blog, learn from it, interact with it, and share it!


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