Why Your Business Needs Bloggers

If your business isn’t working with influential bloggers, then your business is missing out!

Blogs are consumers’ go-to sources of information. There is a blog for literally everything: products, industries, current events, books, movies, exercise, food, cooking, moms…the list goes on and on. Whenever a person uses a search engine to find out information about a certain product or service, that search engine will most likely display a list of blog posts about that product or service. And why wouldn’t a person be interested to read the content a blogger wrote? Many people trust a blogger’s product review over a business’s advertisements.

Blogging—The Stats are In

According to a survey conducted by Burst Media (http://burstmedia.com/pdf/burst_media_online_insights_2012_06.pdf), over 57% of American adults read blogs. Furthermore, of those adults who read blogs, 65.5% said that their purchasing decisions were influence by blogs that mentioned a brand or promotion.

Additionally, Millennials (aged 18-34) were more likely to have their purchase decisions influenced by blogs than older generations. Furthermore, moms were very likely to be influenced by blogs. In fact, 74% of moms who follow blogs said that brand mentions in blogs influenced their purchased decisions. Thus, businesses should seek out sponsorship opportunities with blogs or even pay close attention to what is being said about their brands, products, and industries in blogs.

A Case Study-Food Blogger vs Subway

Still don’t believe blogging can be powerful? Consider the following example involving the blog called Food Babe. In 2012, Vani Hari, the creator and writer of the blog Food Babe, wrote a blog post discussing what she discovered about Subway’s bread. What she found out was that Subway’s bread wasn’t falling in line with its motto of “eating fresh.” Hari pointed out that Subway’s bread contained the chemical azodicarbonamide. This chemical is also found in yoga mats and shoe soles to make these products more elastic.

Not only did she write a blog post about this problem, she also managed to gather a following of people to sign an online petition to pressure Subway to change its bread. Hari’s cry was heard throughout the U.S. People were outraged and began to share her blog article on Facebook and other social media platforms. Finally, in February 2014, Subway said it would stop using the chemical in bread.

How to Get a Helping Hand from Bloggers

From the above example, you can see what happens when a blogger writes something negative about your business. It can hurt your brand image and sales. However, the opposite happens when influential bloggers write positive things about your business. So, how does your business get a helping hand from bloggers? According to Open Forum, there are a few things your business should do:

  1. Research and locate influential bloggers in your product/service category. You want to find a blogger that reaches your target audience.
  2. Figure out what your goals are for the blog’s review and provide all necessary information to the blogger.
  3. Be cooperative with the blogger and work on building a lasting relationship with him/her.
  4. Give the blogger lots of samples.
  5. Thank the bloggers that write for you.
  6. If you get a bad review, try not to get defensive. Maybe—just like the Subway case study—your business needs to make some fixes.

So, next time your business is considering what elements to include in its marketing mix, don’t forget about the power of blogs and their authors! Not only should your business enlist the help of influential bloggers, but perhaps your business should also start their own blog. See the image below for some more awesome blogging stats!



3 thoughts on “Why Your Business Needs Bloggers

  1. Julie Pharr says:

    Hi Breanna, I enjoyed visiting your blog site and reading the posts. Do you have a blog that you follow on a regular basis? I have some friends who follow mommy blogs, and I know some ministers who frequently blog. I do not follow any blogs on a regular basis, but that’s not to say that I do not stumble across blogs when I am searching for content on particular subjects. The Home Depot and Zappos each have blogs that sound interesting. I think blogging is a great way for a small business to promote itself as the local expert. – Julie Pharr


    1. bmschmidt2015 says:

      Julie, There are a few blogs I follow. Some of them are marketing blogs. I follow them to keep up with trends. But you are entirely correct, a lot of people stumble on blog articles when they are researching a topic or product.


  2. ChelsyCS says:

    I was definitely not aware that 57% of American adults are reading blogs. Blogs have always been “a thing” but to know that many people are buying into them is great! The great thing about blogs is that it’s a blank canvas to put your thoughts down. Not to mention there are plenty of subject specific blogs to follow such as mommy blogs, parenting, sports, fashion, etc. The options are endless with blogging and businesses that haven’t realized this yet need to get on board!


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