Smarter Black Friday Shopping, Thanks to Emerging Media

The Thanksgiving holiday week is one of the busiest shopping times of the year. Businesses bombard us with newspaper ads, TV and radio commercials, emails, and social media announcements to remind us of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Over the last decade, emerging media and the digital world have become even more important to this intense shopping week. So, let’s take a look at what emerging media platforms and technology have been developed in order to help improve this shopping week for marketers and consumers. Let’s start with Google.

Better Data for Marketers

According to an article by Ad Age, Google will start providing businesses and marketers with the specific keywords customers search for before they click on a store’s ad or actually go to the store’s physical location. This customer data is anonymized and aggregated, so marketers don’t know the identity of these shoppers. Additionally, by using this location data, Google gives marketers a better idea of when customers visit their stores and what people buy or are looking for. These figures will be given to businesses in the following time frames: months, weeks, days, and hours. This information will help business stock up their supplies.

Below is a graph depicting this store-traffic information:


(Above image from Ad Age)

Better Shopping for Consumers

Recently, for the Holiday season, Google introduced new design changes to its Google Shopping feature. Google designed Google Shopping to work better for mobile shoppers. According to Ad Age, Google Shopping now has a mobile app-like layout, has faster browsing speeds, and has location information about what stores have the specific item a customer is looking for. This makes the shopping experience more efficient and easier for the mobile shopper.

Mobile and Location Data Not Going Away

As this technology becomes more advanced, more companies and marketers are going to use mobile and location data to track consumer habits. According to Chief Strategy Officer at the Mobile Marketing Association, Sheryl Daija, “Given its unparalleled ability to tell marketers where consumers have been, where they are, and where they’re likely to return, location data has become an essential mobile marketing tool…Incorporating location data into the development of audience segments enables marketers to build a much more accurate and timely picture of the consumers they’re targeting, ultimately resulting in significantly better campaign ROI.”

Here is a great video explaining more uses for mobile and location data:

Video: Location-Based Marketing (LBM) by Havas Media with Foursquare, Google, JCDecaux and the LBMA

Readers, what do you think about this: if consumers’ data is anonymized and aggregated, does this help offset ethical concerns involving consumer privacy?





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